Data Access Layer

DeKlarit 4.3

DeKlarit 4.3: DeKlarit is the Model Driven tool fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio data access and business logic code. 3. Generate your Presentation Layer: Use the DeKlarit Add-ins to generate from Win and Web components to complete presentation or web services layers. 4. Maintain: When your application requirements’ change, you just need to update the description of those entities. DeKlarit automatically creates a new database schema, migrates the data from the old schema to the new one, and regenerates your data access and

SQLDataLayer 1.0: Create your .net Data Access layer in seconds, versus hours, days or even weeks.
SQLDataLayer 1.0

DataLayer is designed to script your Stored Procedures and optionally create the class objects necessary for any .net application that utilizes a Microsoft SQL backend database. Accelerating your development time, creating a conistant easily maintained Class object Library for your Data Access Layer. We offer a fully functional evaluation copy. The fully functional evaluation works with the NorthWind Database which is a sample Database provided by

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Repair Access Database Software 2.0: Repair Access Database Software to repair access database and fix mdb file.
Repair Access Database Software 2.0

Access Repair Software which helps to repair access database from corrupted or damaged MS Access database file. Best Repair Access Database Software is excellent access database recovery tool recover and restore non accessible ms access database. PDS Access Database Repair Software is perform easy to scan corrupted access database file of the Microsoft access database and export table, query etc to created new access database file. PDS Repair Access

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LogiDAO 1.0: Windows Based Data Access Object (DAO) Generator for PHP
LogiDAO 1.0

Windows Based Data Access Object (DAO) Generator for PHP. Generates PHP classes to access database tables as objects by reading the table schema. The Data Access Object (DAO) layer is an essential part of good web application architecture. Reduce development time. Less SQL queries means quicker development. You don’t have to code each insert and update statement it’s all generated for you in seconds.

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kiss C# VB.Net SQL template driven Code Generator from a Database Data Model

Layer (BLL, BLO) Convert Class (VO -> TO; TO -> VO) Data Access Layer (DAL, DAO) Domain Objects (DO) Domain Object Managers (MO) Field Enumerations Table Enumerations Transfer Objects (TO) Value Objects (VO), also known as Data Transfer Objects (DTO) Web Services (WS) Iterative Development Cycle overview: Adjust Data Model Database: Changes to the Data Model are implemented in the Data Model Database. Synchronise kiss!: Changes in the Data Model

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Compact Access Database 7.06.03: Access database recovery software to repair access databases
Compact Access Database 7.06.03

Access is a utility designed to compact access database and restore data from the access databases files. MS Access databases which are widely used by database administrators and users are prone to get corrupt due to virus attacks, database corruptions, file errors, media errors, and also becomes inaccessible due to password protections and lost or forgotten passwords. In such cases, need to access or recover inaccessible data from mdb database files

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Access to Excel Converter 2.0: Easy Access to Excel converter to read MDB file and Export Access data to Excel
Access to Excel Converter 2.0

access database contents to .XLS file. Extract Access database file and convert Access to Excel is now easy and simple with Perfect Data Solutions Access to Excel Export tool. Features of MS Access to Excel Conversion Software: * Migrate MDB to XLS with all MS Access records to Excel file. * Using Access to Excel converter tool, you can directly convert access database to excel. * Export MS Access database to Excel file. * Convert entire Access table

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